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Customer Testimonials

I love using them using your wrap for wrapping half avacado in the fridge and actually it maintains the fruit from going brownish, etc.  I used them for sandwiches when we go picnic.  Very useful wraps and the product is still has so much more life.  enjoying using them.  

From Instagram 
#repost from IG April 2022

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Hey Hannah, just wanted to thank you for your amazing job with the beeswaxwraps. I’ve loved using them since forever but unfortunately never found a good one. I’ve previously thrown away so many of them but am delighted to say that in terms of quality, your one is a number 1.

Still going on strong.

Thank you for your amazing work 

Vrishni Beeharree 
New Zealand Whanganui 

#Repost from Google Reviews

Absolutely amazing business! The candles are long burning and are great quality. The ruche wraps are beautiful and very useful. Would 10/10 recommend!

Grace Pratt

New Zealand Whanganui 

#Repost from Google Reviews

I bought a bunch of these last year. These are nice quality wraps and I

love the designs they come it. They're also nicely presented so they made good gifts. Delivery to Melbourne was really quick.

Milly C.


#repost from Google Reviews

Very high quality products. Easy to use and clean. Very light in weight. I don't need to bring a bucky box for carrying snacks or sandwiches. It only uses up less space in my bag. I used it to pack some biscuits. It kept the biscuits fresh and crunchy all day long. Shop owner is very nice and friendly. She always answers my questions in details. Highly recommended! Will purchase again.

Y.Y.L. Chan

#Repost from Google Reviews

My wife bought some wraps for me to use for lunch,i love it because it keeps my sandwich fresher than just keeping them at my lunchbox. My work mates saw me using and they also got some wraps from Ruche too. Another work mate bought it for his wife as a gift as they are great for gifts. Thanks Ruche for making them so easy to use and very sustainable.

Eddie. Y

New Zealand

I had the honor of being the winner of one of Ruche’s giveaways, which gave me the awesome opportunity to try out their beeswax wraps! Ruche beeswax is raw, unadulterated, chemical-free beeswax; carefully selected, filtered, and manually remolded, the products at #Ruche are intended to provide consumers an alternative to single-use plastic! πŸ™Œ

Ruche also uses 100% pure cotton, which means it’s biodegradable! ♻️ If left in a compost pile or bin, or out in the environment, microorganisms will be able to break down its natural fibers! πŸ‘ Unlike plastic bags πŸ‘Ž

So, what do I use my Ruche Wrap for? Anything I would use a plastic bag for! I most commonly use my Wrap to take fruit πŸŽπŸ‡πŸ“ with me on the go! It keeps it nice and fresh so I don’t have to worry about it going bad at all. Plus, Ruche Wraps are the perfect size for tucking into a purse or bag for grab-and-go snacks. I’ve also applied my Wrap to the tops of ceramic and glass bowls to store food and keep it fresh!

Ruche Wraps make it easy to end your use of plastic bags- every step towards a #noplastic lifestyle counts! I’d recommend starting with Ruche!

Special thanks to @Ruche_nz for the opportunity to try out your product! I am so glad our paths crossed on our endeavors to make the world a better place, and I am thankful to have gotten to know you! πŸ’› Keep it up!



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19 November 2019

#Repost from Google Reviews

I can smell the honey bee from this product. , it's like I am holding a piece of honey in my hand. My body warmth becomes the natural seal of the wrap, very convenient and look nice with the colourful design. Honestly it's a new thing to me. I support protection of environmental. I find Ruche's product is exactly an item that help protect the earth, for at least it reduces the use of many plastic wrapping everyday, I use it to cover container before putting it into fridge, or carry fruit to work. It's very practical and absolutely easy to use. I like it very much. I bought a few more from Ruche to give my friends as small birthday gifts, they like it too.

Estella S

New Zealand

Thank you for my wonderful Ruche wraps! They're such great quality- thick and firm and hold their shape well when wrapped. The colours are great too. Goodbye plastic wrap πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸπŸ

By Lana Sung

United Kingdom

14th October 2019

I was gifted some of these beautifully and lovingly handcrafted wax wraps for my birthday and I couldn't have wished for a better present. I am very big on recycling and reducing waste and keen to do anything I can to minimise my use of plastic. These wraps are prefect for me. Easy to use and clean and reuse and so convenient! I will definitely be buying some more of these and will never be stuck for a gift for my friends and family again. :-)

By Brenna Powell

New Zealand

It certainly is a wonderful product. We have a recycling area at our home now with a trip to the recycling station every week. I find my self buying different at the supermarket too (so we use the wraps and bento boxes)

By Theresa Bullivant

New Zealand

I would highly recommend Ruche Beeswax Wraps to all. The sizing is generous that the item gets fully wrapped, with no bits of food hanging out, so effectively the entire surface of the food is sealed to stop the food ageing from the air. The design is beautiful. So not only do you feel great because you are doing something lovely for the planet, it is lovely to look at. The quality of the product is high, the beeswax blend is firm enough to form around the food's shape. Easy to clean and easy to keep reusing and reusing. I would highly recommend this product.

Christine Hunter

New Zealand

What an amazing invention. I love the practicality of it. When I smell it, it smells so authentic and

it reminds me of how environmentally friendly I am!!! Going to buy more as gifts :) amazing work.



#Repost from Google Reviews

Excellent products and environmental friendly! Love to use it or as a gift

Rocka. C 

#Repost from Google

Really good quality wraps, thick and flexible. They look so nice! good colour and designs.

Lana B


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