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Welcome to Ruche Plants

We've loved every minute of our journey

Hi Everyone,

Its been 3 years since I have started Ruche. During this time, I have learnt many new skills through making Ruche products, and met a lot of wonderful people along my journey. Ruche is now a part of me and we are growing together.  

My New Passion 

Since Ruche is about living a more sustainable and quality lifestyle, going green is also our goal.

I started to grow a varse variety of vegetables for my family since 2019, and slowly that passion has grew and I have started growing different types of indoor plants. The more I collect them, the more I am fascinated by their characteristics. Different species have different growth cycles and habits, and how they provide food for themselves through the process of photosynthesis really blows my mind.

Through growing and nurturing plants unlocked a lot of mystery I had towards Mother Nature, she has been doing such an incredible job for us in so many ways that has gone unnoticed by many.

A new Chapter began

In addition to growing indoor plants as my hobby, I have also started experimenting propagation. After a lot of trial and error, I really wanted to upgrade my planting knowledge and skills, so I have decided to study horticulture and to become a Certified Botanist. 

Nope! I am not giving up on Ruche

Apart from being a full time Mum, studying and maintaining my business at Ruche at the same time requires good time management and organisation skills. Apart from running Ruche and growing plants, I am also a qualified Court and Medical Interpreter, Liaison Officer in Whanganui for New Zealand Canine Friends Pet Therapy Association, Secretary in my daughter's school PTA, as well as an Advisor in our local City Council for the Welcoming Community group. 

In 2019, I’ve decided to close all my retail businesses to invest my time in things that are more meaningful and where my passion lies. Most importantly, to make more time for my family and my love ones. I am really enjoying the current chapter of my life and would love to share every bit of it with all of you.

Follow me on IG @Ruche_nz and Facebook @Ruchenz to share my wonderful sustainable journey with me.

Why Us?

Whanganui has been awarded the most beautiful city in New Zealand 2019 & 2020. We are very proud of where we are and we have a lot of local farmers and beekeepers here to provide us with the best quality materials and ingredients to produce our beeswax Ruche Products.

Our beeswax is made from the freshest raw honeycomb, which naturally leaves Ruche beeswax a hearty honey aroma that lingers. As such, our Honey Ruchewrap contains naturally occurring antibacterial properties that prolongs food’s freshness.