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Slow burning Beeswax Ruche Melts



Pure non-toxic RucheMelts are naturally infused with its harvested honey aroma. RucheMelts are great for essential oil burners. On its own, the heat slowly unfolds the soothing and supple honey aroma of pure non-toxic RucheMelts. When used in place of water, RucheMelts can extensively lengthen the aromatic duration of the heated Essential Oil compared to burning in water. This is a secret we encourage Ruchers to share with their family and friends.


RucheMelts are great :
-extremely slow burning
-purifiers air
-honey aroma
-extend the life of your essential oils
-non toxic


Each RucheMelt Gift Bag comes with :

1 x honeycomb Raw RucheWax Melt block approx 15g,

4 x tiny RucheWax Hearts as burning replenishment.

1 x white reusable nylon gift bag

Child under 13 years of age must need adult supervision when using product.

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