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Beeswax RucheWraps DIY Making Kit


Let the fun begin! Making your own beeswax RucheWrap with your love ones is a lot of fun, and did we mention that your home will be infused with the natural powdery honey aroma? Yes, it smells so good that you will not want to leave your house. On top of that, you are also giving our world some TLC by creating an eco friendly product that comes in handy everyday!

At Ruche, we consciously select raw unadulterated food-grade beeswax that are free from any chemical residue. Ruche only uses 100% biodegradable cotton material, local raw beeswax, natural New Zealand pine rosin and organic virgin coconut oil to produce the most mouldable yet durable environmental friendly reusable wraps.

Each RucheWrap DIY Making Kit includes:

3 x Ruche 3 in 1 Secret Recipe Wax Block (The perfect blend of Beeswax + Pine Rosin + Organic Coconut Oil)

2 x (1 Med +  1 Snack Size) Wavy Edged Pure Cotton Fabric/Cloth/Canvas (the Wavy Edge are specifically designed to keep the fabric in good shape and from fraying)

1 x Handmade Thank You Sticker

1 x Heat Resistant Reusable Brush

1 x RucheWraps Making Instructions

1x Large size baking paper

Children under 13 years of age must need adult supervision when using product.

This Pack comes with:

Medium (28x28cm approx) Penguins Blue Cotton Fabric +

Small Pink (20x18cmapprox)  Love Ocean Cotton Fabric +

Steps for Refreshing or Making Your Own Ruchewraps:

1. Preheat oven to 120 degrees

2. Put your RucheWrap on baking paper lined oven tray

3. Cut or grate 3 in 1 RucheWax and scatter RucheWax on your RucheWrap evenly

4. Place the 3 in 1 RucheWax layered RucheWrap into the oven for approximately 3-5 minutes or until all RucheWax have melted

5. Use a heat resistant brush to even out the RucheWax on your RucheWrap

6. Hang and let the pampered RucheWrap to air dry for 5 to 10 mins :)

7. Collect Ruchewraps and start wrapping away or fold and put away for storage

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