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3 in1 DIY Beeswax RucheWax


At Ruche, we consciously select raw unadulterated food-grade beeswax that are free from any chemical residue. Our beeswax are delivered to us directly from our local beekeeper to ensure purity and freshness. The unprocessed raw beeswax are carefully filtered at Ruche and remould into smaller blocks by hand in small batches. We strive to produce Ruche products with the freshest, finest, and safest beeswax that are closest to its natural state. This is marked by the hearty honey aroma that blooms naturally from Ruche beeswax products.

Ruche have been working on our 100% natural formula to produce our very unique blend of 3 in 1 RucheWax to make the best RucheWraps that are packed with natural goodness. Our 3 in1 RucheWax are handmade with only the freshest Raw Beeswax from our Local Beekeeper, New Zealand Pine Rosin and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

With our 100% natural 3 in 1 RucheWax, you can easily refresh your Ruchewraps when they need some love and care. This is the best way to keep your RucheWraps young and last. You can also DIY and make your very own RucheWraps at home with our RucheWax.

3 in1 RucheWax are $5 NZD per block approx 15 g

Each Block can refresh a Medium Size RucheWrap or make a small  size DIY RucheWrap.

Steps for Refreshing or Making Your Own RucheWraps:

1. Preheat oven to 120 degrees

2. Put your Ruchewrap on baking paper lined oven tray

3. Cut or grate 3 in 1 RucheWax and scatter RucheWax on your Ruchewrap evenly

4. Place the 3 in 1 RucheWax layered Ruchewrap into the oven for approximately 5 minutes or until all RucheWax have melted

5. Use a heat resistant brush to even out the RucheWax on your Ruchewrap

6. Hang and let the pampered Ruchewrap to air dry for 5 to 10 mins :)

7. Collect Ruchewraps and start wrapping away or fold and put away for storage

* In cases of DIY, Replace Ruchewrap with chosen fabric( please use 100% cotton fabric), and cut into desired size and shape then begin the process.

Standard shipping in New Zealand non-rural under 3 kg for a flat rate of $6 with tracking T & C's applies

Ruche products can also be shipped internationally at additional cost. Price listed on our website are for standard parcel up to 200g. Please kindly contact us with the proposed order with shipping city, postcode, and country. We will gladly find out the shipping cost to your desired location. Cheers

Please select the Correct Country for Shipping, thank you

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