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Pure Ruche Raw Beeswax 3 Pieces


Ruche Raw Beeswax Block

At Ruche, we consciously select raw unadulterated food-grade beeswax that are free from any chemical residue. Our beeswax are delivered to us directly from our local beekeeper to ensure purity and freshness. The unprocessed raw beeswax are carefully filtered at Ruche and remould into smaller blocks by hand in small batches. We strive to produce Ruche products with the freshest, finest, and safest beeswax that are closest to its natural state. This is marked by the hearty honey aroma that blooms naturally from Ruche beeswax products.

Beeswax are known for its anti-inflammatory properties which encourages wound healing and skin regeneration. Studies shows that the high Vitamin A content in beeswax supports health and cell reconstruction. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial properties and natural active enzymes of beeswax can form a healthy protective barrier between the skin and the environment without the stress of clogging pores.

Each Beeswax block are approx 12g - 15g

Post to anywhere in New Zealand standard parcel for $6 with tracking (price up to 3kg)  T&C's applies

Ruche products can be shipped internationally at additional cost. Price listed on our website are for standard parcel up to 200g. Please kindly contact us with the proposed order with shipping city, postcode, and country. We will gladly find out the shipping cost to your desired location. Cheers

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